Catalogue website

Catalogue website

The site catalog of products or services for a company is a sensitive issue. It has to be comprehensive, updated, and rewarding.


Choosing a site to present your catalog or products- services- offers multiple benefits: time saving for your paper catalog, customized targeting, response to quality certification requirements, and sales support tools, assets for your SEO . If you plan to get started in e-commerce, catalog the site may be a stage, the time to adjust internally.


Drupal offers its standard modules to create your "product catalog" and to build your solution in an optimized manner, and according to your needs.

  1. The sales support through tailor-made quotation tools and integrated
  2. The integration into existing systems (eg stock management) and to a paper edition (Indesign)
  3. The ability to manage workflows and integrate your partners in the development process of your catalog
  4. The ability to to associate your site with your corporate website catalog and enrich your communication while enhancing your offer


  • Detailed product display
  • Search product catalog
  • Thesaurus
  • Product management tags
  • Inventory management
  • Import and export of bulk catalog (Indesign)
  • Simple, configurable product groups
  • Managing favorites
  • Low inventory alertss
  • Moderation opinions
  • Creating rules or display
    manual complementary products
  • Set attribute by Product Category
  • Management attributes
  • Navigation with multi-criteria filtering products
  • Configurable search with suggestions of terms
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Products Comparison
  • Recently Compared Products
  • Cross-selling, Up selling, and related articles
  • Cloud sought keyword
  • Filter by product tag
  • Product Reviews (rating + reviews)
  • Displaying products in list or grid
  • Breadcrumb
  • Etc..