Website Factory

Website Factory

The Website Factory is not only a simple solution. It is a long term vision that involved deep changes.It impacts the marketing development, Time to market and change management.


The Website Factory is an ecosystem that generates a global governance to provide a unique user experience through the harmonization of your digital production and ensuring your particular guidelines. It highlights the collaborative aspect trades / services / brands. In addition to significantly reducing costs and site deployment time thanks to the pooling of development and maintenance as well as reuse and sharing features. Centralization of the means is a guarantee of greater security and allows to invest on quality.

A single platform to manage all sites: :

  • Streamlining costs
  • Cuts production time
  • Pooling resources to invest in quality

A global governance: :

  • Provide a unique user experience / relationship mode
  • Share content / homogeneity
  • Enhances collaborative between business / services / brands

DSI transform the activity of "Embed" to "Capitalize" :

  • Reuse and sharing functionality
  • Replicate patches

A vision for the long term: :

  • Marketing development tool
  • Time-2-market
  • Change Management


Boost your digital power with our Drupal experts.

the key point of our success:

  • Rationalization needs
  • systems behavior analysis & recommendations
  • Analysis and Recommendation on human resources involved
  • Analysis of the functional scope
  • Analysis and Recommendations of the software and hardware architecture
  • Roadmap
  • Definition of business model
  • Architecture and implementation of base
  • Deployment and maintenance
  • Support in change management
  • Support for project teams
  • Our training and skills transfer: Developers, Webmasters, themeur Integrator ...