Hands-on management, through a service center or with the Agile method: you decide how your project is handled. If you like, Actency will help you decide which type of intervention is best for the success of your web project. 

Our teams can assist you according to three different modalities:


Our experts will come to your location to reinforce or expand your teams’ skills. Actency provides the personnel management component. This is the solution for you if:

  • You urgently need some hard-to-find skills
  • Your teams are not large enough to absorb the entire workload of the moment
  • You do not want to immediately commit to long-term, permanent recruitment



You have a fully- or partially-outsourced digital service, tailor made in terms of bandwidth and expertise. Under the leadership of a project manager, you benefit from a powerful commitment to quality from a team of experts dedicated to you.



With a devoted project manager as your personal liaison, and our team of experts to help you, you are an integral part of the conception, evolution and construction of a solution precisely adapted to your expectations.

And beyond these rigorous organizational systems there is another vital ingredient: the deployment of talented and competent teams dedicated to the success of your project.

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