Drupal Architecture and Development

The quality of your architecture is an essential pre-requisite for the performance and security of your project. Solid experience on Drupal, and all the peripheral tools (DevOps), makes all the difference.

Drupal architecture 

Different releases of Drupal each have thousands of modules and the open-source nature of the Drupal Community is constantly creating, testing and publishing new or improved modules! And that's good, because many questions arise when building or modifying a website.

If several modules exist for the same functionality, which one do you choose? What is the optimal date to integrate a module according to its maturity or possible obsolescence? Where is the Community? What is the best choice in terms of maintenance? What interoperability can you expect between the different Drupal modules?

Because of our significant Drupal experience, and constant monitoring and contact with the Community, that Actency’s experts find the best solutions, every day.



We must ensure seamless implementation of each ecosystem tool, many of which are connected to other technologies, such as:

  • SolR or Elasticsearch search engines
  • Jenkins or Travis CIT    
  • EAI synchronization systems (data exchange with CRM, ERP, JMS messaging systems and Brokers)    
  • Cache systems (Varnish Memcache type or various SDNs on the market)


Focusing only on aspects of Drupal does not provide the best performance. By doing so you risk regressions and safety and performance problems. These can endanger the success of your project and its maintenance.



Before hosting, you must design the infrastructure that will optimize your application’s performance.
What if your site crashes and everything is on a single server?

You're not immune to a crash if one of your business applications suddenly has to run too many queries. 

Have you thought about separating read data and write data? How to organize the parallelization of the server? What about databases, load balancing and scalability of your servers in case of high traffic?

There are many hazards and potential areas of risk; they require anticipation, expertise and sophisticated Drupal skills.


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