Website Catalog

Website Catalog

A company’s online products or services catalog can be a delicate issue. It must be comprehensive, user friendly, easily updated and rewarding to use.

BENEFITS OF A Website Catalog

Creating a site to present your catalog of products or services offers multiple benefits: it’s more efficient than a paper catalog, allows for customized targeting, responds to quality certification requirements, incorporates sales support tools, and is a boon for your SEO.

Website Catalog BY Actency

Drupal offers standard modules to create a "product catalog" and to build your solution in an optimized way, according to your needs.

  • Sales support through integrated, tailor-made quotation tools
  • Integration into existing systems (eg: stock management) and to a paper edition (Indesign)
  • The ability to manage workflow and integrate your partners in the development process of your catalog
  • The ability to to associate your site with your corporate website catalog and enrich your communication, while strengthening your offers


  • Detailed product display
  • Search product catalog
  • Thesaurus
  • Product management tags
  • Inventory management
  • Import and export of bulk catalog (Indesign)
  • Simple, configurable product groups
  • Managing favorites
  • Low inventory alerts
  • Moderation opinions
  • Creating rules or display
  • Manual complementary products
  • Set attributes by product category
  • Management attributes
  • Navigation with multi-criteria filtering products
  • Configurable search with search term suggestions
  • Recently viewed products
  • Product comparison
  • Recently compared products
  • Cross selling, up selling, and promotion of related articles
  • Cloud searched keywords
  • Filter by product tag
  • Product reviews (ratings and reviews)
  • Display products in a list or grid
  • Breadcrumbs


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