Types of Subcontracting

Strengthen your teams

Standard, or "Classic" Subcontracting

For standard subcontractor service we put the human resources needed to make your projects a success at your disposal. We focus on placing precisely the right person in the right situation: the right skills, the right job, at the right time. A major asset for the profitability of your web projects!

Another important way we put the control in your hands: we can find people with specialty skills that are difficult to find.


Pre-Employment Subcontracting

Pre-employment subcontracting is intended for clients wishing to hire employees with rare skills that are often difficult to find via the usual channels (Recruitment Agency, Job Boards, etc.). Thanks to our 10 years of experience, over 700 projects to our credit and through our active contribution to the Drupal Community, we are at the forefront of finding the skills you need.

During a pre-employment contract, Actency places the person you are looking for at your location, for a given period (usually 6 months). At the end of this period, if your collaboration is going well, you have the possibility to switch to a direct-hiring mode. For you, it is recruitment without risk. It also motivates the subcontractor to integrate well into your teams and be motivated for your projects.

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