Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing, or Permissive Marketing, consists of bringing the customer to you rather than pursuing them. It responds to a major change in the behavior of buyers, and is placed at the forefront of business concerns.

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Actency guides you at every step of your inbound strategy, and in all its aspects: definition of your personality, setting up your purchase funnel, training on tools and the methods...choose the 360° support!


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Content Marketing: articles, blogs, infographics, videos, etc. Content is essential to an Inbound Marketing strategy. The golden rule: quality. The proposed content must answer your prospects’ questions.

Need a boost? Our teams support you in your content strategy, the creation of your content (writing, graphic creation, videos, etc.) or the animation of your blog. Contact us!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): SEO, SEA - The first step in Inbound Marketing is to attract potential prospects to your site. And for that, an SEO / SEA strategy is essential!

Actency supports you at all stages of your SEO / SEA strategy. Consult us!

Social Media Marketing: favored platforms of Inbound Marketing, social networks are a great opportunity to promote and share content, and reach the right audience.

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Email Marketing: Newsletters, lead nurturing. Email, coupled with landing pages incorporating calls-to-action, remains a very effective tool. Especially today since it can be hyper-personalized thanks to marketing automation platforms. It would be a shame to do without!

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