Service Center

Deploying a Shared Service Center consists of setting up a partially- or totally-outsourced service. To run a specific project and ensure the maintenance operations on your IT, you should consider a Digital Service Center.

You win on several fronts:



Control Your Budget

Choose from a catalog of services so you know in advance the price of each service, without future surprises. We keep a precise and transparent statements so everyone wins!
Want to develop a custom catalog of services, just for you? Let's examine your needs together!



Earn Expertise

With a Service Center (or Managed Services), our experts work for you. We size teams according to your needs, both in number of resources and skill: Architecture, Development, DevOps, Emailing, UX, SEO, Digital Strategy. Whatever the field, our experts are experienced and immediately operational.



Save Time and Reduce Stress

The team we set up for you is driven by your single point of contact. Dedicated to managing your project they are responsible for the time-consuming tasks of human resources management and administration. Leaves, replacement, availability of resources, transfer of skills; everything is managed for you.



Increased Quality

We are constantly listening to you through satisfaction surveys, business reviews or weekly meetings. Areas for improvement? We listen! But we go further, and commit ourselves! Customized processes, SLA and penalties, RFA: quality is guaranteed!



Working in Proximity

Our teams work on your site whenever necessary, and also work remotely. For a strategic meeting or a specific request, you can count on us!



Increased Transparency

At any moment you can see our hour-by-hour output. We also put in place KPIs that let you see the ROI of your actions.



Increased Productivity

A team is working on your IT, e-marketing or the maintenance of your applications. You are free to devote yourself to your areas of ​​excellence, increasing your productivity.


Are you considering working with our Service Center? Let's examine your needs together!


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