Information Architecture

Anticipate the needs of your users

Information architecture anticipates user needs to generate easy, useful and engaging navigation.



Accompany the digitalization of your business with the skillful mastery of our project managers.
Our proactive approach adds dynamic enrichment, and is one of our core strengths.
Our teams are certified UX-PM level I by the international network UXalliance.


  • Integrate the user experience in your projects based on business and market issues
  • Choose, plan and monitor UX* tools and methods at different stages of the project
  • Optimize the inclusion, quality and efficiency of use via a user-centered design


Measurable short- and long-term investments in this increasingly-adapted medium improve your potential for innovation by offering services designed with, and for the user.

*User eXperience


Build your success with information architecture

Our clients profit from the benefits to their business:

  • Increase in sales, acquisition and retention of clients
  • Increase in visitor conversion rates from initial prospect, to client to devotee
  • Productivity gains by reducing support and maintenance costs

But in a calm and controlled project:

  • Project risk reduction (cost, schedule budget)
  • Extension of the lifetime of the interface
  • Cost control of a better-planned project

Advantages of our proven methodology

Information architecture defines:

  • The structure of the site
  • Location of various information
  • Content interaction

Combined with web design and content strategy, information architecture creates a positive user experience, allowing you to achieve your goals. 



In the field of information architecture, you benefit from the expertise of our consultants. Either in person with you and your team at your location, or remotely - they will advise you every step of the way to create the best user experience possible. Let's talk! 



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