Web Design

Go beyond aesthetics

The quality of your Web design is essential: it only takes seconds for a visitor to decide if they will stay on your page, or leave. Good web design plays a key role in the clarity of information presented on your site.

With web design, catch the net surfers!

Web design involves not only artistic reflection, but also the search for the best ergonomics, especially for responsive content. Beyond creativity, the design of the interface is an important part of the user experience.



With web design, convey your image

Web design defines in your visual identity, asserts your image and sets you apart from your competitors. At Actency, our web designers focus their research on both creativity and ergonomics. Their achievements are innovative and at the forefront of the latest trends.

With web design, convert your visitors

Web design does a lot of work on showcasing information. It deals with both visuals and text, it guides the user and facilitates reading. With a pleasurable design, users are more inclined to commit to buy, fill out a contact form, call you, etc.

Our web design services

  •     Web charter creation (sites, blogs, newsletters)
  •     Logos
  •     Pictograms
  •     Business application interfaces
  •     Responsive design
  •     Social networks


Even more efficiency
Combined with information architecture and content strategy, web design contributes to a positive user experience on your site and your applications.



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